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In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, transitioning from legacy or founder-centric systems to process-driven operations is crucial. This transformation eliminates inefficiencies, optimizes resource use, and enhances overall operational efficiency. By adopting a structured approach, companies improve their adaptability to market changes and technological advancements, cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, and increase their enterprise value significantly. This strategic transformation is an investment in resilience, agility, and sustained value creation, positioning organizations for long-term success amid evolving business challenges. 

About Me

For over two decades, I've empowered mid-size manufacturers to shatter growth barriers and achieve operational excellence. Using targeted transformations across processes, technology, culture, and leadership, I've helped companies double production capacity, slash lead times, improve quality, and amplify growth by as much as 300% within two years. Others may focus on partial solutions – I help you completely transform company-wide capabilities and performance, elevating your business and profitability to new levels. If legacy practices or disjointed systems are capping potential, preventing consistency, or inhibiting scaling, I provide an end-to-end strategic playbook enabling you to actualize your manufacturing ambitions. My promise to passionate leaders? Through collaborative upgrades, I help you gain focus, dexterity, and resilience to deliver on bold visions despite unpredictable markets. 

Introducing Darren Traub:

A Pioneer in Transformative Manufacturing Excellence

Darren Traub, our principle and founder, is an accomplished professional with over two decades of cross-industry expertise, and stands as a driving force in reshaping the manufacturing landscape. Renowned for boosting company value, Darren specializes in the transformative journey, steering manufacturing entities away from outdated legacy or founder-centric setups towards efficient, process-driven, and measurable operations.


From spearheading a Greenfield startup in the hemp industry, where a vibrant processing facility was conceived and staffed within a mere six months, to orchestrating the substantial growth of a manufacturing company—catapulting revenues to over $23MM annually in just two years through strategic team development and acquisitions—Darren's track record is one of transformative success.

Beyond the metrics, publications, and patent accolades, Darren's narrative unfolds in the intricacies of upgrading technology to turn waste into premium products, optimizing logistics, and fostering cohesive teams capable of navigating multifaceted challenges. From envisioning cutting-edge extraction systems to navigating the complex landscape of food production, Darren has consistently demonstrated a versatile skill set.


Darren emerges as the go-to expert for companies seeking a shift from traditional setups to efficient powerhouses, with a specialization in measurable operations. Proficient in high-level strategic planning, client relationship management, and a spectrum that spans from SaaS to mining, Darren is poised to guide organizations through strategic transformations. For manufacturing, distribution, and technology companies grappling with challenges, Darren Traub invites you to explore the possibilities of operational revolution, change embracement, and tangible results.

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